Terms and Conditions:


The "estimate" is the basis of the contract formed between the customer, business and SimplyWood (East) Ltd.  “Estimate,” the meaning of estimate in all cases mean's an "approximation", an estimated cost of the goods to be supplied at the initial time of the estimate. In no uncertain terms is the “estimate” deemed a "quotation". The “estimate” will always be based on the layout, of the kitchen, bedroom, etc and will be itemized accordingly to the drawings provided, you will only be charged for what you have purchased in all cases and each product clearly defined in all cases, on your design and correspondingly your estimate. Your invoice will be subject to the final “estimate” based on your finished product, kitchen, bedroom, etc. If nothing has changed from the beginning of our “contract” based on the “estimate” in any way, the price of the items, overall price will not have changed. If the contents of the kitchen, bedroom, etc has changed then so will the “estimate” and in all cases the changes will be clearly defined, you as the customer, business will be aware in all cases of any changes that you as the customer, business have asked for. Any changes that SimplyWood would make, i.e structural changes to units etc, "no" cost would be incurred by the customer, business. Changes that incur a charge to the “estimate” can be; changes to door style’s, finishes, change of unit configuration, a cupboard to a drawer pack or an item of storage for instance, handles, worktops, appliances etc. Indeed the “estimate” can also be less than the original “estimate” and it will be clearly shown in the final estimate issued with our invoice. Previous estimates will be available for comparison, on request. In all cases it is advisable to check your estimate, and contact us if you have any queries or are unsure of anything listed on your estimate. If SimplyWood was to have unintentionally omitted an item of consequence then we would invoice you separately for the item, with our apologies.


The invoice will be dated from the date of issue of goods, or supply only or the start of an installation of the products/order

All payments must be paid in accordance to the sum of the “invoice only”

No sum of monies for “what-so-ever shall be omitted from the invoice”

Any discrepancies of the “invoice” to be confirmed in writing within 3 working days of issue, and if in the case of discrepancies occurring and re-issue of the invoice, amended, it shall still be payable within the specified date of issue of the original invoice

The term “trade” in all cases refer’s to business to business only

Trade Terms in all case are 30 days, meaning 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice set out as stated above, 30 day’s free credit. Thereafter 30 days unless agreed in writing “only” (letter, email etc) to extend these terms by mutual agreement. Thereafter in accordance with the law we would be entitled to charge interest per day at the Bank of England’s base rate + 8.5% plus any reasonable costs for the recovery of the total sum of the original invoice, interest. In all events it is in the customer, business to inform SimplyWood (East) Ltd for whatever reason for nonpayment within these terms, and for arrangements to be made for mutual “benefit” as and when payment can be made, in writing only.

No payment, due in all cases, customer, business to SimplyWood (East) Ltd were the invoice has been submitted can be delayed for any reason. If we, SimplyWood (East) Ltd have not heard from the customer, business within the 3 day’s, either for discrepancies with the invoice, the estimate, faulty products, workmanship. It is in all, customer, business’s concerned interest to ensure any issues regarding payment of goods, whether it be labour only costs, materials, components or all cost surrounding the invoice totally to resolve any issues as soon as possible to ensure payment can be made within the given terms, this is non-negotiable in all cases.   

“Where payments are asked for by return” In some cases there will be no credit even to business to business on some products that SimplyWood (East) Ltd supplies. The customer, business will be made aware payment will be due on issue of an invoice in all cases before agreeing a purchase. When a purchase is made in this way the product becomes the customer, business property thereafter and therefore the subject of seller’s terms and conditions subject to the good’s being presented by SimplyWood (East) Ltd in good, satisfactory condition in all cases and fit for purpose in all cases. If for any reason the order is cancelled by customer, business after the order has been placed it maybe subject to the sellers return T&C’s and maybe subject to additional cost’s that are outside Simply Wood (East) Ltd control  

 After Purchasing a Kitchen from Simply Wood

We, Simply Wood (East) Ltd, undertake to guarantee for the period of 10 years from the date of purchase on the carcass only (warranty of doors, panels, plinths, cornice, light pelmets are subject to a 1 year warranty in all cases but would be subject to an additional manufacturer's warranty (5 years from the date of purchase) the guarantee does not apply to worktops but in all cases we would hope to achieve customer satisfaction  during which we will replace, or repair, at our discretion, any unit that is defective as a result of faulty design, materials or workmanship (of manufacture not installation). Please note that the Guarantee does not cover defects arising from reasonable wear and tear of the unit and you will be expected to take reasonable care of the product (see below for further information on care of product). The benefit of the Guarantee will only be available for the guarantee period to the original purchaser of the furniture. The Guarantee is only valid in the U.K and is based on FULL payment of all goods. The product shall be subject to normal domestic use only, this Guarantee is given in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights

Care of Kitchen Units

Timber doors: Wood is a natural product and the different grains and textures in the wood often means there are a variety of tonal differences in the doors and drawer fronts. Prior to fitting, lay out the door and drawer fronts and adjust the positions to get the best overall balance. As with a painted kitchen we will ensure of a "good match" to a selected colour but the colour may vary slightly depending on the wood chosen but in all cases care will be taken to reproduce the colour to a sample or swatch and wherever possible we would ask for it to be approved before finishing. Exposure to daylight will change the appearance of the natural wood and facias. Each type of timber reacts differently and at a different rate, becoming darker, richer and with more contrast. Exposure to direct sunlight will bleach wooden furniture. Bleaching of colours can affect your furniture within two months and will be different on each of the door and drawer front component depending upon its position relative to the windows Installation in recently plastered properties can see the moisture drawn into the timber causing a slight swelling, which will reduce when the relative humidity returns to normal. The degree of reaction is dependent on the timber type. Solid timber doors can also be affected by heat and water and will wear accordingly. Timber doors have an additional 5 year manufacture's warranty

Vinyl doors: Vinyl wrapped:

MDF doors will be affected by heat and water. Care should be taken to ensure the edges of doors are not exposed to prolonged or repeated heat from appliances, dishwasher, ovens, microwaves, etc, with kettle's and toaster's the heat will rise to the underside of wall units and can cause delamination. Integrated extractor doors are opened with the extractor in operation when a hob is in use. Care should be taken to ensure the edges of doors are not doused in water. Exposure to direct sunlight will eventually bleach the colours slightly and will be different on each of the door and drawer front component depending upon their position relative to the windows. Care should be taken when washing floors that excessive water is not applied to prevent the Plinth from over exposure to water which may cause them to swell eventually. The doors have an additional 4 year manufactures warranty from the date of purchase.

, any 3rd party product, i.e any item that is not actually manufactured by SimplyWood but it supplied by SimplyWood as part of there product is subject to the 3rd party manufacturers warranty only, if the product is deemed defective and replaced under that manufacturers warranty it will be supplied under those T&C's but will not include the replacement fitting of the item or cost of delivery whether it is a door, drawer or any component(s), unless it is within 1 year of installation, thereafter this will be chargeable

The above warranties are only applicable for domestic application, commercial & rental warranties are 2 year, this does not affect your statutory rights, should there be an problem of any kind we will do all we can to help you resolve any issues. With care your kitchen should give you good service and last 10 years or more, we use the best quality materials to ensure this at SimplyWood


Please contact us with any queries you may have before ordering any product, advice and help cost's nothing but returning an item, just might, we're here to help, call us 01473 890654 or use the contact form below

All items come with a manufactures guarantee.

All items can be returned if faulty, and a replacement sent or full refund will be given

Unwanted items, or items wrongly ordered will incur a 30% re-stocking fee, and to be returned at customers cost