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Lighting for kitchen units

Underneath wall unit lights, skirting lights and cupboard lights. There are several kinds of under shelf options available, with the correct one for you depending on the style of your kitchen and the kind of cooking that you are planning to do there.

How to choose your lighting for your kitchen.

For most people, fitting under cabinet lamps is the best option. They provide a continuous, gentle beam right along the worktop. If you are the kind of cook who spreads out when you work, these strip models are best for you.

Another option for under cupboards is spotlights. These fixtures provide a bright focused beam, meaning that you can have them installed where you normally do the most detailed work.

In addition to countertop illumination, you will also need quality ceiling lights. Under cupboard lighting is fine for those who like cooking in a softly illuminated environment, but when you are preparing complex dishes or using sharp knives, a bright space is essential.

You can choose from single bulb fixtures, but fluorescent strip lights are normally a better option for a kitchen. They spread the beam throughout the room, which is what you need when you are preparing food.

Whatever type of kitchen lighting you are looking for, we will have something suitable. We provide all kinds of fixtures in a range of finishes and designs that are specifically designed for cooking spaces. As such, please have a look around to find the perfect options, as within a couple of days you can have them installed and working.

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