> Create the effect or choose a single colour that is perfect for you.

> Multiple receivers can now be controlled from one remote control (all receivers within a 15m radius of the remote at any one time).

> Updated 24V system allows for 60W of RGB product to be run per receiver.

> Functions of the RGB remote control:
- Single colour mode – select one colour by rotating the wheel
- Gradual colour change – light colour gradually changes
- Flashing colour change mode – light colour rapidly changes
- Colour change speed – change the speed at which the colours change
- Brightness level – change through the 3 brightness levels of the RGB
- On/off – switch the connected fittings on/off

> Memory function of the performance before last switched off.

> Radio Signal - Maximum range of controller is 15m.

> The remote control is powered by a 3V button lithium battery (supplied).
RGB Remote Control, White
RGB Remote Control, White
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