Orga Line Foil Holder & Cutter

Foil holder & cutter to suit ORGA-LINE utensil division system, 400 -1000mm wide, grey

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Isn't it annoying when you roll out your plastic wrap and it gets all stuck together? That's why we've developed our tangle-free film dispenser. The secret: The Blum dispenser rod. It gives you a clean edge every time.

The dispenser fits nicely into a drawer or can be kept on a worktop.

A practical solution for aluminium foil: with the Blum foil dispenser. It holds the foil roll securely and the cutting unit provides a precise and safe cut, it can removed from the drawer and used whereever you like around the kitchen and To be used in the 500mm to 1000mm Orga Line Utensils
ORGA-LINE Foil cutter for aluminium foil ZSZ.02F0  
Colour / finish: RAL 7037 dust grey
Material: Nylon
Additions: Aluminium foil for foil cutter
Antislipping device: Through base fixing
Orga Line Foil Holder & Cutter
Orga Line Foil Holder & Cutter
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